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Thread: Home/Basement/Garage Gym Pictures?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTF425 View Post
    That's a nice gym you've put together. That flag looks fantastic.
    Thank you!

    Quote Originally Posted by militarymoron View Post
    PatrioticDisorder, that's an awesome gym. I'm one of those people who works out better outside my home - I don't have the discipline/focus to work out hard at home. Too many distractions.

    At the other extreme...the picture below pretty much sums up our home gym. There's actually quite a lot we can do with just those few things.
    Thank you! Looks like the link is broken to your picture. I used to like training at outside gyms when I was younger and lived in upstate NY and northwestern PA, I'd always find locally owned gyms that were really good and not over crowded. Down here in Naples, FL everything is a big box commercial gym with way too much cardio & isolation machines and not nearly enough free weights, over crowded and a nightmare.

    Quote Originally Posted by Double3 View Post
    Nice set up. How do you like those Ironmaster DBs?

    I like them for what they are. I did pick up a set of the longer screws for the 160 lb add on and it lets you take one DB to 180.

    Also have some of those COC grippers.
    Thank you, the COC grippers are great, I have 2 each of the G, S, T, point 5, 1, 1.5, 2 & 2.5 (can't fully close the 2.5 for 1 yet) and I love them, I do drop sets with them and go until I can no longer close the G. I love the Ironmaster DB's, I was considering buying the rubber hex DB's or used pro style DB's but went with Ironmaster's because they are space efficient. I love the thicknesss of the Ironmaster handles & aggressive knurling, mine lock up nice and solid and I have nothing but praise for them, great investment! The only negative is not being able to do drop sets with DB's (partly why I want to get another pair or two).

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    The only thing I can't do in my garage is leg presses. I have the attachment (although I don't use it) to be able to do leg extensions and leg curls if you wanted to. Other than that, good-to-go.
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