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Thread: Get home bag/ bob related question.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PattonWasRight View Post
    Excellent point! I would add to it a small item that is a "morale booster"

    Years ago I did a one month Outward Bound school.

    About 3 weeks in, we had already lived so sparsely and "deprived" that we felt like homeless Spartans.

    The Instructor took out a small bag of Jolly Rancher candy ... each of us got two.

    The pleasure of that candy was way far disproportionate to what it should have been ... you'd think we were eating steak filets!

    Every BOB has weight & size room for a few
    A photo of the wife and some peppermint gum :-)

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    For whatever reason I'm kind of a freak when it comes to walking. I can't jog half a mile to save my life but I can walk all day. With or without a pack doesn't seem to matter. I can be a couch potato for 6 months and still go to the Rocky Mountains and do a 10-mile hike and feel great. Maybe I have elk size lungs, I don't know. So practicing for the "getting home event" is something I am a natural at. Don't know why but I've always been able to walk / hike. Not saying I am the kind of guy that could do 30-40 miles in one day like an ultra-light hiker but if pushed I could certainly do 15, all mitigating circumstances aside.

    I'd classify of utmost importance to be footwear followed by appropriate clothing for the weather followed by energy food and water. With that I would add some type of a concealable handgun for personal protection, a light source, and a small first aid kit. Probably be a good idea to have some cash on hand as well.

    For the getting home scenario since time will be of the essence to get to where we need to be and round up our loved ones I'm going to vote for a smaller, lighter and more maneuverable pack outfit than something that weighs 25+ lbs, unless you are absolutely certain that 25 lb worth of pack will not slow you down. And depending on why we are walking home will dictate how we walk home. Stealth might indeed be a factor prohibiting speed. And stealth is going to take extra energy as well. Keep that in mind. Stealth might involve veering off course and adding extra time and distance to your goal. Extra weight is going to make that more difficult.

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