[Intro]: This might be the first regret in my firearm career, but the wife just got home from a 7month deployment and she has got the "nesting" itch. So, I have to sell this amazing hi-power. I have hardly shot it, I just hold it and talk sweet nothings to it. And I am not at a point right now to be a collector, I have to shoot what I buy, so this Hi-Power must go. More money we put down on the dream house now, the more I'll save later on down the road. Atleast, thats what I keep telling myself. I am the second owner, I bought it from Scot Semmens here on the board, and between the two of us, it has less than 300 rounds through it. This pistol is still @ 99% condition. Minimal wear, and I mean minimal

This is a Full House done by Ted that was displayed at the previous shot show.

-Serrated Rear Heinie Sight
-Gold Inlayed Front Heinie Sight
-Browning Hi-Power trigger travel reduction modification
-Best Quality Hi-Power trigger job - uses C&S type II hammer and C&S sear
-Custom made extended thumb safety
-Sharkskin stippling on frontstrap and backstrap
-Bevel magazine well, Hi-Power
-Built-up beavertail for Browning Hi-power
-1* back end treatment, labor only
-Reliability Tune for Browning Hi Power
-Serrate rear of slide
-Flatten and serrate top of slide
-Tune and polish extractor, Browning Hi-power
-Fit match grade barrel to Hi-power
-Crown, throat, ream chamber
-Satin matte bead blast & blue complete pistol, 320 polish slide flats
-Polish slide flats on BHP from
-Spegel Grips


[Price]: The entire package below will sell for $2250.
-YHP pictured Above
-Alessi Belt Slide holster pictured above
-Mitch Rosen black leather double magazine carrier (not pictured, like new)
-3 Like new magazines

[Misc]: When one considers the back log for high powers with Ted, and the work done, this might be a real nice opportunity for one to pick this up. I do not accept PayPal but will accept any type of certified funds (USPS MOs/Bank Check, I will accept personal check, but will wait until my bank notifies me that it clears). I will ship this pistol over night to your current FFL.

[Questions/References]: Do not be hesitant to ask for either, I have plenty, and I am happy to help anyone through this sale. Please EMAIL through the board for questions/comments/concerns