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Thread: Mossberg 930: Was going to shorten barrel, decided to replace it...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cretin View Post
    Winchester Universal is garbage, but it's not the issue. Mossberg's QC is. The design is great, but there are lots of tooling marks and grease that needs to be removed.
    Follow this guide

    This took me about 3 hours and I was still getting ftfs. Of all things, the extractor was too tight, and it was causing shells to chamber at about a 20 degree angle and become stuck when entering the chamber. I removed and degreased all parts of the extractor, weakened the spring with sandpaper, and polished the detent. My gun is awesome now, and runs even the cheapest lowbrass birdshot I can find.

    These are great alternatives to Benelli, but they need some work to run.
    Thanks for posting this. I plan on getting the 930 apart again this weekend to look for any of the stuff in the link. I ran a different ammo this past weekend but suffered the same. All FTE malfunctions. It seems like the shell gets to a certain point and just doesn't have enough oomph to get it past a tight spot in the chamber. I think I am going to try to polish the chamber to see if that helps also. At this point, it's becoming a war of attrition. I will make this shotgun run smoothly!!

    ETA, found this also which I plan on doing:

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