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Thread: Lary V. And Ken H. 1911 2 day operator class

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    Eagerly awaiting a detailed AAR , lots of talk and No details so far. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by SCULLY View Post
    Eagerly awaiting a detailed AAR , lots of talk and No details so far. lol
    I usually use my cell to respond and it's pain to write a lot. Plus I was never good at writing big detailed papers, ask my English teacher. Lol It would be easier if you have any questions. I would happily answer them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam View Post
    While you still have many more opportunities to train with Mr. Vickers, your chance of training with Ken Hackathorn is very slim. I've heard he's winding down his long career. Another student from this class wrote in another forum that Ken stated again that he is approaching retirement time.

    I offered you many chances to train with Ken in GA but you kept passing it up. If I can convince him to come out of retirement for one more class, I'll let you know. We had a great one this year, may have been the best ever from Ken. One day we shot full size pistols and the next day we shot back up guns and guns that people actually carried. Myself, a friend and another moderator, we shot our J frames.
    My understanding is that Obi-Wan Ken will no longer be doing joint classes with LAV. This was the last one. A bittersweet milestone for me, personally.

    Ken lives several hours away from the nearest airport - so I think he'll be selective with where and when he does his solo classes.

    What was so interesting about this class, above and beyond its totally awesome instructors, are the students who attended.

    We had several guys fly into (an hour and a half outside of NYC) from as far as South Africa (!), not to mention Cali, Colorado, Floridan, and Tennessee.

    It felt good getting yelled at by Ken again (I think my last class with him as back in '08). I might fly out to the West Coast to train with him again (so I can focus on being a student 100% rather than host and student).

    TD1 was with LAV as primary instructor.

    Evening of TD1 included a brief 1911 armorer's session.

    TD2 was with Ken as primary instructor.

    p.s. No AAR, but I have a shit ton of pics Here

    p.p.s. Oh, btw, Vlad (OP) - get yourself a Wilson Combat. LOL.
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