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Thread: "Critique my firearm picture" thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by calengor View Post

    Photo I took at a pistol class given by a local shop about 4 years ago now. I photographed this class as a way to get more accustomed to photographing people and capturing a story (I photographed a carbine class as well). Some may recognize AJ's arm from some BCM marketing photos. In this shot I was trying to capture action while AJ was demonstrating a drill.

    Looking at it today I think the crop might be a bit off, I'm not sure if cutting off his back was the best possible edit. I do like the two casings in the air and the slide mid-action, though.

    Great framing and crop for the picture, nicely done.

    I have been asked to point out by board policy that I am Magpul's photographer. I have also done work for 150 or so manufacturers within the firearm community, my work has been used for web, catalog, banners, magazines, covers, etc. I have also shot work for the US Military where it has been used in training aids. I am prior service and a full time LEO.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. My primary focus is weapons, accessories and related equipment reviews. Manufacturers can reach me through any of the boards. If you have something new, let me know.


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    I was trying to get a clean silhouette of the gun to make a sticker for my safe, I wasn't trying to get a good photo, but I think one did come out of my efforts.

    Took the photo in my bathtub, just a little editing to get the clean looking background.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stickman View Post
    I've got a hard time falling in love with this one, even though I agree that the guys at GGP made a good looking logo. The lighting is uneven in the pic, and while that doesn't end its options, I think a dark background would have worked better. If this is your weapon, it is certainly worth shooting more pictures of.
    This one is indeed mine. I really need a better lighting setup, as this was pretty much two desk lamps with led bulbs set to the sides.
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