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Thread: M4C Newsletter 6-11-15 Ken Hackathorn's Take Part 5

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    M4C Newsletter 6-11-15 Ken Hackathorn's Take Part 5

    Ken Hackathorn's Take Part 5

    Most of the shooting problems I see over the years with most handgun shooters is that they have trigger snatch problems. This is most evident in right handed shooters with their shots striking low and left. Left handers will see their rounds going low and right. If they shoot slowly and carefully it doesn't seem to be as bad. There are a various ways to work on overcoming this trigger manipulation flaw, but one technique that I favor is to practice shooting a double action revolver.

    I happen to love wheelguns, grew up with them and learned to shoot a handgun with a S&W K22. My first issue LE sidearm was a S&W MP M10, and I find that learning to stroke the double action trigger while keeping the sights aligned is good therapy. Practice shooting a wheelgun double action only, do the same drills you shoot with your autoloader. Try to shoot at the same speed /rate of fire and you will usually learn that sight alignment while reaching sear release is easy to achieve.

    If you suffer from the sights on target...NOW…trigger jerk, using this technique with a DA trigger revolver will produce shots off target and dismal results on the range. Practice sight alignment as you press the long trigger pull to the rear with your favorite revolver from time to time, the results will be rewarding. I typically keep a S&W 4" M66 in my range bag and shoot it 12 to 24 rounds on various speed drills.

    If you can run a wheelgun with a 10 to 12 pound long trigger pull, your Glock, S&W M&P, 1911, or other favorite auto blaster will seem like a gift. I note that many of todays 'gunners' own only one revolver in the form of a 2" J frame S&W. It is their pocket gun of choice. Watch the used gun rack at your favorite gun store. There are some really good older S&W service revolvers available from time to time.

    The M10,M15, and M19 plus their stainless steel counterparts make great shooting revolvers. The M586/686 is one of the best all time wheelguns available. Colt revolvers have double action trigger pulls that suck, and typically go out of time quickly if subjected to fast DA shooting. Ruger GP100 revolvers are great, aside from the fact that they come with an extractor stroke that will not eject .38 special brass. They are great wheelguns that will slick up to give nice DA triggers.

    I have one of the newer GP100 'Match Champion' 357mags. It uses L frame speed loaders and will eat heavy 357 ammo all day long. I shoot mostly .38 special ammo in it. If you are looking to buy a new DA wheelgun, the GP100 is worth a look. Many of the new generation gunners look down their nose at revolvers. I know that few folks would choose one for self defense over any of the current auto loaders, but they are a joy to shoot. Most importantly they can help you keep the 'trigger snatch demon' at bay. The handgun you are handed in an emergency or have to pick up off the street may not always be your favorite. Better know how to run a wheelgun if that is all that is available.

    -Ken Hackathorn

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    I was there when Hack heard this theory from Jim Cirillo

    Jim was never able to transfer his slowfire DA revolver stuff into speed ability with an auto, and I don't agree that teaching yourself such a different "feel", etc, is a good idea. KISS, so you aint trying to open the cylinder of an auto, under combat stress! :-) So you aint missing the manipulation of the safety, and so on cause you crossed up your training. If you get paid 100k per year to do nothing more than shoot, and have your ammo and guns paid for (ala a guy named Jerry) then you're wasting time and money on this stuff. In reality, a civilian rarely has to do more than show his gun. Most attacks are not made with a gun, and of those that are, most are at 10 ft and less. So what you need is a super fast ccw draw and the ability to put 4 rds into a man/s chest in half a second (1st shot to last) at 10 ft Then he's DEAD before he can fall. For the english-challenged, the draw and first hit are not part of that 1/2 second.
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    Good golly, I'm just following this guy around out of morbid curiosity to enlarge my overall fund of knowledge.


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