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Thread: School me on 9mm ARs.

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    SSD just posted a teaser from ADM - AR lower for Glock mags

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caeser25 View Post
    Do they use regular 5.56 AR free float rails?
    They should, unless there is some rail that requires some weird barrel nut that would make it otherwise incompatible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caeser25 View Post
    I see there's a 9mm buffer, I'd it necessary over a carbine or H1?
    Two reasons for that:

    1) To run reliably
    2) To not break hammer pins and bolt catches

    To address #1, an H3 @ 5.5 oz will do the trick- the gun won't know if it's an inertial buffer or a solid one. Bonus that you can leave it in for 5.56 application. I have done this for thousands and thousands of rounds. It works 100%.

    To address #2, always use SS or extended pins, and consider either a SlashQ elongated buffer, a Colt buffer spacer, or just doing away with the LRBHO via a different block.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caeser25 View Post
    Which is better, Colt SMG or Glock lowers? As far as reliability in feeding goes.
    I don't know of any Glock lowers that feed 100% AND actuate the LRBHO 100%.

    Quote Originally Posted by Caeser25 View Post
    Can I use a standard stripped upper I have laying around?
    Sure, if you don't mind a bit more stuff coming back at you, esp when suppressed. The 9mm deflector is really more of a gas shield.

    Quote Originally Posted by jesuvuah View Post
    Neither lowers work reliably for lrbho. But other than that they work great.
    In other words... not working great.

    Inconsistency in LRBHO will drive you insane.

    Quote Originally Posted by wahoo95 View Post
    Nothing wrong with using a quality magwell adapter in a standard AR lower either.
    This is my solution.

    Once you let go of the idea of LRBHO, just pick a block in a format you like, that runs reliably, and drop it into an already SBR'd lower.

    Think about the savings in money and time alone... plus the versatility of being able to drop the block, swap uppers, and go back to 5.56...

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    LRBHO is next to useless, don't let that hold you back from the Glock mag lower. Glock mags are more readily available, and the ETS mags are very inexpensive. I suggest a dedicated lower. The only blocks that work are the ones that are more expensive than a dedicated lower, unless you have a 5.56 lower that's already SBR'd, then a Hahn mag block would suffice. In that case, I'd still choose the dedicated lower and SBR it. Grabbing a complete carbine is infinitely easier than converting calibers back and forth.

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