I looked through my parts bin and found an Anderson lightweight upper, and then a buttstock, H2 buffer/spring ass'y, trigger bits, etc, and realized I was just a BCG, barrel and lower away from a lightweight beater gun.

I got an Anderson lower for $60 at the gun show, ordered a PSA lightweight 1:7 mid gas barrel, found a DD flashhider for $25 bucks, and slapped it all together. I figure it'll be fine for plinking or trading.

FYI: Magpul MOE SL handguards only work with ROUND handguard caps. Mine had the triangle version, so I used a razor and a file and ground away at the handguard lugs until they fit.

-Anderson LW upper (no FA, no port cover, no feed ramps)
-PSA BCG (DRY AS **** and really tight. No HP/MP markings. Staking looked fine.) It's sitting in a bag of oil right now. Cycles and locks fine, just needs lube badly.
-Anderson charging handle.
-YHM flip up rear sight. Old school but perfectly serviceable.
-PSA 5.56mm pencil barrel, midlength 1:7 4150 CMV, nitride finish. F-marked FSB. (Seems fine, but can we please stop slapping the word "FREEDOM" on every flat surface? It's getting a bit much. Don't believe me? Wait till SHOT show. It'll be like a drinking game.)
-DD flashhider
-Magpul midlength MOE-SL handguards.
-No name CompM4 clone that I've had for 12 years and refuses to die.

-Anderson lower. Seems fine. Trigger pins fit fine
-Magpul K Grip, aggressively stippled. Like, too aggressive. It'll eat a hole in your shirt if you take a class with it.
-No name buttstock kit w/ H2 buffer.
-Standard USGI LPK/trigger

Sorry for the shitty HDR. The lighting wasn't great.