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Thread: First custom.308 build and it shot like a dream without fail

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    Cool gun. Keep the updates going.

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    Since I piled on this thread with my similar build, I thought I'd update with some accuracy results.

    This gun is consistently sub-MOA with three-shot groups. However, I've had a great deal of difficulty maintaining that with five-shot groups. I've started loading my own ammo, and found that the "Fluffy the Cat" load (168gn SMK, 46 gn Varget, Lapua brass--although I've found Hornady to be just as accurate) is what the rifle likes best. I've also found that Berger Hybrid Match, and Hornady ELD & AMAX projectiles group just as well with that formula, but of course POI moves relative to the SMK zero (and ELD moves 1 MOA right relative to AMAX--odd).

    Since the first posts, I've learned how to mount a Harris bipod properly (thanks for not shaming me there!) and have switched to an Atlas, anyway. I also switched out the scope for a PA Orion FFP 4-14 ACSS reticle.

    I had some ejection problems and switched to JP Enterprises high-pressure bolt and Silent buffer/spring combo. In the 500 rounds since then, I've had zero malfunctions (but I don't know which change fixed it, or if both were required. I also put in a CMI two-stage drop-in trigger, which I prefer to the SSA-E I have in another rifle.

    Here are the two best range cards for 3- & 5-shot groups. I'm still trying to get better consistency, but at this point, I think the problems exist between the trigger and scope.

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