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Thread: Murder or Self-Defense if Officer Is Killed in Raid? (No-Knock Raid Thread)

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    Quote Originally Posted by FromMyColdDeadHand View Post
    Bald guy needs to be taken to firearms 101 class and beaten about the heads and shoulders. What a retard. Muzzle pointing cops hack me off. Look with your eyes.

    So those guys are soooo dangerous he has to keep a muzzle pointed at them, untilllll they decide to all turn around and walk away.

    Did I hear right that the videographer not only has a lawyer, he has a "felony lawyer"?
    Yeah seriously, looked like a bunch of fat mall ninjas with plate carriers. I'm surprised they didn't bound back to their vehicles after they secured their HVT. Lol.

    And I think camera guy said he has a "family lawyer".

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    Didn't see anything wrong in that video except the failure to follow simple instructions of go back in your house. The I didn't do nuff'n has to wonder why he had a gun trained on him the whole time lol.

    "Racist azz bitches".

    Yup, upstanding pillar of the community there.
    "Never walk away from home ahead of your axe and sword. You can't feel a battle in your bones or forsee a fight."

    "A man should never be parted one step from his weapon; neither on the road, nor on his field does he know when he will need his sword."

    – The Hávamál

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