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Thread: Burying Firearms/ Kit; Suggestions/ Ideas?

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    Burying Firearms/ Kit; Suggestions/ Ideas?

    Burying Guns/ Gear...
    What's the best way to go about doing this? And what firearm(s) should I be looking to bury?
    I've been doing some reading, and I understand I realistically do not need a Pelican case to do this. I understand a PVC pipe that is sealed is sufficient.
    I understand that I need to grease the guns to prevent rust and bury the container below the freezing line.
    I understand that I should be keeping some kind of manual with the gun, a basic cleaning kit, lubricant, enough ammunition and even some common spare parts if need be.
    Gear wise, I can figure out.

    What I'm struggling with right now is finding what gun i'd like to bury. I need something where ammunition is realistically easy to find, the gun needs to be reliable, however It also needs to be of a reasonable price.
    I likely won't be burying a BCM AR down there.

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    Whatever you choose make sure you have the exact same set up and train on it. One of the worst things that a person is try to use a weapon in a SHTF situation that they are not 100% familiar with.

    If cost is an serious issue then think about a plain Rem 870 12 gauge.
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    Sounds like a job for a Mosin or perhaps an Ishapore Enfield (in 7.62). The 870 would be a good choice too.

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    well most metal frame guns can survive being buried but guns made out of wood wouldn't its that simple.

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    When my dad was alive, he got just paranoid enough during the Clinton years that he went this route.

    Some issues that popped up:

    1. The PVC tube never seems to be sealed enough to keep 100% of the moisture out through the year. You will have to seal your firearm in an airtight bag or something inside the PVC tube.

    2. It's easy to forget where that darn PVC tube is. My dad owned a huge parcel of land, and landmarks do change over time even though you "think" you buried it next to that such-and-such bush near the big rock at the north end of blah-blah. Try waiting five years to check on your stash and not remember "exactly" where it was. I mean down to a few inches--otherwise you will dig a bunch of holes looking for it before you find it. We spent hours looking for his cache one Saturday afternoon and got lucky finally. I've always wondered if the new owners of his land eventually found that empty tube?

    3. I would not bury an expensive, irreplaceable firearm, or one that you sank a lot of money into customizing. Get this: if you really need to unearth a buried firearm for serious use, the shit has probably hit the fan so thoroughly that you will only use that weapon to obtain something better. You know, when the French partisan leader gives you a butter knife and tells you to go get a machine gun. That type of scenario. Your buried gun is a butter knife. I would only bury a vetted SKS, SAR1, or some other inexpensive gun that you don't mind being expendable when you use it to obtain a "real" M4.

    4. Whatever you bury, bury it with enough ammo in an airtight container that you can survive long enough to obtain something else.

    5. Don't expect to ever need it. My dad went to his grave never having unearthed his stashed weapons. I sold them after he died at a discount because they had gotten some rust on them. True story.

    I decided not to touch this with a ten-foot pole at my ranch. I came up with something else that I don't discuss on the internet.
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    If I was going to bury a gun a hidden gun it means that everything else has be taken by the goverment or I have had to ditch everything but the clothes on my back.


    I would bury this Rossi Trifecta. It is cheap and gives you a hunting caliber rifle, a shotgun and a .22 all in one.
    Bury some ammo for the 3 barrels with it and be done with it.

    Keep in mind it is purely a survival gun. It's single shot nature makes it good for hunting but not fighting. (Maybe you could zap a bad guy and take his weapon)
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