We went to the ranch a couple weeks ago with a few boxes of this load.

Now we could only shoot to 400 yds, the cattle were milling around in the adjacent pasture which prevented using our 500/600 yd. positions.

I did notice a tremendous difference in drop between the Speer 64 gr. GD (granted, .223 pressure) and the 69 gr TMK.
I think at 400 the difference in drop was near 8".
The TMK POI was quite close to the ranging "ticks" on several 1-6 and 1-8 scopes past 300, while the GD (which has been a preferred Whitetail round to 300) was way off.
The accuracy in several guns was MOA or a bit better as well.

Overall I was quite impressed with the round and look forward to stretching it's legs in the next few weeks.