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Thread: Seeking advice on starting semi-auto collection

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    Quote Originally Posted by shalazaar View Post
    I'd take a serious look at a Bren 805. So far I am really liking mine. Its a shooter and I haven't had any issues with it. Although they haven't been released yet, they're also making 300 BLK barrels for them, so you can run multiple calibers on the same platform. My only issue with it is accuracy at distance (I'm running the pistol version), but a lot of different platforms share that issue. I think a 805 is definitely worth the money.
    Was about to order one until I found out about the improved (with a proper bolt release) and much lighter Bren (806) 2 that's supposed to come stateside late 2018.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Warg View Post
    Thanks guys.

    Still have HK sear on my list and noodling the 551. Is the latter worth $3250? I realize its only a tad more than, say, a SCAR...just curious.
    Don't let the HK sear sit on the list too long; you'll just end up paying more.

    Yes, the 551 is IMO absolutely worth the price. It's like owning a Rolex that launches 5.56 projectiles.
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