When carrying larger guns IWB I will carry a spare mag IWB as well. When pocket carrying, I prefer not to have anything on or inside the waistband. I was initially drawn to the snagmag/neomag idea but grew disenfranchised with the concept and wanted a small kydex carrier for my opposite pocket.

I was in search of a pocket magazine holster/carrier/pouch for my G42 and G43 respectively and with the exception of Alabama Holster (whose design and wait time I was not thrilled with) I couldn't find ANYBODY making these. I searched pretty extensively.

I reached out to C. Edwards to ask him if he made these. He replied no, but if I wanted he'd create one and send it to me free of charge. All that I had to do was provide HIM with feedback. If that wasn't a nice enough gesture, a few hours later I get a message from him requesting my address- that he had the design and the carrier would be ready to ship the next day! Knowing how busy people are and knowing that this was not a design he already had in his toolkit and that I wasn't paying for anything, I wasn't expecting to see the item for a few weeks minimum- if not months. Talk about a pleasant surprise.

I carried with it yesterday, but do not have it with me today. I will take some pics and post in them in this thread- he came up with a really neat, minimalistic design. Much smaller profile than I expected (good thing in my opinion).

Not only is he generous and extremely friendly... He also knows what he's doing with sheets of kydex.

HUGE + 1