I have a Trijicon accupower 1-4, and just bought a VX-R patrol for an SBR. I really have liked the Trij, but have been pleasantly surprised by the Leupold. The glass may be a touch clearer edge to edge than the Trijicon, and I really like the reticle and illumination.

The 1.25 lower end is noticeable but not troublesome so far for me, but I've not yet been able to do rapid /multiple target drills yet, so a bit tbd on that aspect. I also considered the Steiner but went with the lighter vxr on an ultralight aero mount (also read that the Steiner didn't feature a turret zero set, which was important to me for 300blk sub and super use).

I don't think you'll be disappointed regardless of your ultimate choice.

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