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Thread: definition of Retro, Clone, Clone Based, and Enhanced Clone

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junkie View Post
    I belong to that group as well. It is Retro related, but there is more emphasis on the more modern service clones. Most guys that are into the Retro ARs will go to the Retro Club page. In my opinion, there is less ego and attitude there and it is a better environment for true Retro enthusiasts.
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    Regarding retro vs clone vs whatever:

    To me, retro means a modern reproduction. I'm not sure that vintage is the right term for the real deal, but something like that.

    If it's a modern gun that looks like an early AR, I consider it retro.

    If it's a modern gun that looks like a specific early AR, I consider it a clone. I suppose you could do enhanced clone too, but at that point I see it more retro than clone.

    The gun I'm building is retro, but nowhere near a clone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Renegade04 View Post
    There were a few carbines in the M16A2 series. They were the Model 723, Model 733, and later, the Model 727. The Model 727 is the only one of the three that had an A2 upper receiver. The Model 723 and 733 were based on the M16A1 to begin with. They used the same upper and lower. They transitioned into using the M16A1E1 (C7) upper as this was part of the M16A2 development. The later Model 723 was much like the later Model 727 in that the only real notable difference was the upper receiver.


    Late 723


    The Model 723s used 1/7 twist barrels. The earlier ones used A1 profile (.625") 14.5" barrels and the later used the 1/7 twist Gov't profile (.750") with M203 cuts. The Model 733 Commando originally used a 11.5" 1/7 twist A1 profile barrel and transitioned to a 11.5" 1/7 twist Gov't profile (.750") barrel. The late version also had A2 upper and lower receivers.

    Early 723

    Late 733

    I hope this helped a little bit. With Colt's production of the various models, variations were abound. Many times, it is hard to nail down just one version.
    I was searching through the retroblackrifle website last night and sure enough I found a US troop with a carbine that had an A2 upper with the M4-type barrel. It appeared the photo might've been taken during the first Gulf War.

    The carbine I posted photos of was built on purpose to use with a retro AR15A2 rifle upper, using both uppers on the same lower receiver, hence the use of the A2 stock.
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    my retro and me playing with the thought of an eotech on her.
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