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Thread: Hammer fired guns in a Striker fired world

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    I went the other way, started with da/sa cz. Changed it to a sao with a sweet trigger.

    Got tired of lack of aftermarket support ( was a 75 compact 40), especially magazines for carry. Got tired of training to make sure I didn't miss the safety. It only happened once in a few thousand rounds, but I still didn't like it. One less thing to worry about.

    Went with an m&p 40, quit worrying about triggers and have been happy. My shoozing improved. I still think about a g19 sometimes.

    I'd like to have a nice sti 2011, but it will never happen.
    For safety, I use a vg2 and 3 for carry, so no worry about shooting myself during a reholstering.
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    I never really warmed up to striker fired pistols, except for the HK P7 PSP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mysteryman View Post
    Cross compatible magazines(and often holsters) from full size to compact and sub compact

    You can use a P226 mag in a P229 or a P224. Same with holsters, I carry a P224 in a P226 holster.

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    I grew up with hammer fired guns, so that is all I knew, and became comfortable with them at an early age. The only striker fired guns I've owned, and still own are a HK P7M8, and P7 PSP that I was fortunate enough to acquire many years ago before the prices got crazy. I still carry the PSP, but less, and less as I gravitate to my hammer fired, DA/SA CZ PCR so much which I have also owned for 17 years. It works for me, so I don't fool with much else these days for concealed carry at least. For HD it is its big brother a 75B, or 75 pre-b.

    So yes, I still like a hammer on my gun, and all metal construction. Nothing wrong with striker fired, polymer, just not my cup of tea.

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    I regularly carry a Walther PPS because it's easy and comfortable to conceal, and I can shoot it well enough for SD. But I also have a 5906 that I bought new, immediately sent back to S&W for some tweaking but has otherwise been a safe queen. I dug it out today to become reacquainted with the "old gal" which at this point probably has less than 400 rounds through it. It was original acquired for my wife, she fired it once and that was it.

    So, 25 years later how can I shoot it compared to the Walther and my G17 (I shoot both about the same)? Would it be worth buying some nice leather for?

    Manchester Firing Line, NH

    All shooting conducted at maximum range distance of 60 feet, unsupported standing 2-hand.

    Ammo used = Blazer 124 grain FMJ Aluminum

    No warm up, no practice, 21 shots total "slow fire."

    Targets in order of shooting (top to bottom);

    5906, SA only, 5 shots

    5906, DA only, 5 shots

    5906, DA first shot, SA follow-up shot, 6 shots (2-shot pairs)

    PPS, 5 shots


    Huge smiles - the 5906 is an absolute joy to shoot!

    I achieved the best precision consistency with SA.

    Having participated in the 80s in a PPC league with a Model 14, I truly enjoy shooting DA! With some work, I could probably eliminate the DA flyers with the 5906.

    The DA-SA trigger transition is not difficult but I need work manipulating the de-cocker.

    I can shoot a few magazines with the PPS well enough for SD, but I fatigue very quickly with it. It feels "snappy" in the hand compared to the 5906.

    Yes, the old gal is going to look mighty hot in her new Milt Sparks 55BN tan holster!

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