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The thought of having a short barrel gun that shoot 12 gauge shell, compact enough to carry in a duffel bag AND doesn't require a tax stamp intrigued me. So I bought a slightly used Shockwave from a local guy. Took it and a box of 1 oz. bird shots to the range and set up a paper target the size of an IDPA/USPSA target. I started at 5 yds. I did watch Clint Smith's video before buying the gun so I took his advice and didn't put the trigger hand anywhere near my face, not wanting to knock myself out with the first shot. I held the gun kind of like shooting a handgun in the retention position, i.e the trigger hand next to my rib cage as high as possible about nipple high and the front hand inside the retaining strap. The first shot my front hand slipped a little but didn't come off the gun. The shots all hit the center of the target, blowing a hole slightly bigger than my fist, very impressive. For the next shot, I took two huge steps backward, so I was about 7 yds from the target. Similar results, on the target and with me shooting. At 10 yards, I didn't hit the target, I fired a couple of shots and realized I was shooting high. Focusing over the barrel and making sure my body was squared with the target, I made contact with the fresh new target for the next several shots. It took quite a bit of time to get all shots on target. I backed up to 15 yards and it was hard for me to keep the shots on target while shooting from high chest level and basically point shooting.

I didn't dare holding the gun as high as Mr. Smith did in his video, I know my limitation. The trigger hand was quite comfortable for all shots, I guess the grip designer knew what he was doing. The front hand was a different story. Even with the strap, I had difficulty holding on to the handguard. Maybe my little hand or weak grip strength but twice in 25 shots, my hand came off the handguard, the strap did keep my hand and the gun from separating very far. I was not comfortable with that at all. I did not try rapid fire, all shots were deliberate controlled shots. The quickest were maybe 2 seconds per shots, which by rifle or pistol standard is sloooow.

Running out of ammo, I realized I was happy that it's over. I told somebody that it was like riding a roller coaster without wear a seat belt. It was fun and scary at the same time. I sold the gun less than 24 hours later.

Maybe some of you weight lifting, big arms, huge hands type can handle this gun. BTW, I do not have any problem handling 12 gauge buckshots from an 870 with 20 inch barrel and conventional stock.
This is why I have a 12.5" SBS, and will not be buying one of these. I can deliver a ridiculous amount of buckshot or slugs very quickly and accurately,

And yes, I did a test where I bought a Raptor handle and swapped it for the Magpul stock. Not worth it. And I like shotguns a lot, and practice with them a lot.