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Thread: Anyone own a Sako bolt rifle. Worth the Coin?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzinSATX View Post
    Sorry...but what are these pics supposed to represent? Is it my account that I cannot see "photo bucket" stuff?
    I guess you missed it. Photo bucket decided we had to pay to share our photos hosted by them. This has gutted a great many forums all over the internet. I know that I don't have the time to go back and find all the pictures I have shared over the years, so they are lost forever.

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    I went back and forth over the Sako A7 vs. the Tikka T3/x for quite some time. The only difference I saw was that you could top off the Sako without dropping the magazine, so I bought a used T3 in 308, which shoots like this at 200 yards:

    and this

    I later bought a T3x in 30-06. With handloads, it's almost as accurate as the 308, which is a VERY high bar.

    That said, I much prefer older wood-stocked Mausers, Winchesters, and Sakos with fixed magazines to any of the current wonder rifles. I'd grab a decent Sako Forester in 308 pretty much instantly if I could find one at a decent price.

    Okie John
    Quote Originally Posted by Suwannee Tim View Post
    He wants something par-full. But not too par-full.

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    Can't speak for the newer Sako and Tikka rifles but the older Finnbear style rifles were of excellent quality, I lucked into a Harrington and Richardson 300 Ultra imported from Sako from the early 70's for the princely sum of $325 back in the mid 80's in 30-06. The machine work on the trigger guard and floor plate are of higher quality than a lot of other makers actions and barrels. The barrel is very accurate and dead nuts spot on hot or cold, very pleased with the rifle, a lot of pride went into the making of this rifle.

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