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Thread: Why the Glock 9mm

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    That was a good article. Personally, I enjoy shooting a .45, it is just fun. For carry--all 9mm. I started out carrying .40 but after getting my first 9mm I was able to better control follow up shots in a faster manner. 9mm Magazine capacity is better to boot.

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    The single greatest article on the subject was written by M4C Member, USMC_03.

    It's located here: http://www.03designgroup.com/technot...-glock-why-9mm
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    A little off topic...

    What I love is that when I'm dating a lady and she's a shooter, nine times out of ten she's got a .380.

    When I let her shoot my Glock 17, and she finds out it's easier to shoot than her pocket .380, and the ammo is cheaper and more powerful, I'm always amused at how fast that .380 ends up for sale so she can purchase a 9mm Glock.

    One thing I'd have to say though: when I shot IDPA with a .45 caliber 1911 I always scored better than with a 9mm Glock. The reason: trigger. It's hard to beat the 1911 single action trigger, but that's the only thing that I prefer on a 1911 versus a Glock.

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    Sorry wrong thread, my apologies.
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    What I gather from this is that people named Rob are wrong. People named Paul and Bill are right.
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