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Thread: Bulk/stockpile ammo purchase... 55 vs 62 grain - UPDATED

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    My mindset:
    Buy good ammo for defense (smks, fusion, tbbc, whatever Doc has on his list)
    Buy Cheap ammo for practice.

    If you find cheap ammo that mimics SD/HD ammo ballistics, use for long range practice,
    Use match ammo for LR fun (or practice if you run heavies for HD).

    If it comes down to me using 193, 855, or wolf/tula for defense, I've already laid waste to the hordes. If one of them makes it through the raining lead, and its just not fragging enough to stop them, and they kill me, they earned it.

    in all seriousness, I stock hd ammo in a quantity my wife an I would realistically carry, plus enough to do a year or two of stock rotation (not much). The rest of my money goes to much more likely scenarios, like I want to shoot for fun/practice (handgun ammo).
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