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Thread: Compass lake vs White oak

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    Quote Originally Posted by longshot2000 View Post
    In my experience, the heavier flatter rounds, like the Mk262 will start to shine at longer distances. You will not likely see much difference with quality ammo at 100 yards. For example, 55 grain, from a reputable provider, like M193 will be flatter and faster at 100 yards, but will start to tumble as it becomes transonic past 300 yards. You might find that Federal 55 gr beats the competition at 100 yards. But it is like throwing a donut at 400 yards.

    That is one reason I asked about your barrel. 1:8 at 18" will only make a difference beyond 300 yrds. At 100 yrds, a 14.5" quality barrel will do just fine. At 400 yards, the muzzle velocity is just too slow, and will drop. Take your 18" barrel out to 500 yards, and now you will see results with Mk262, or M855A1. The best ammo at 500 yards, IMHO is the 77 gr TIPPED Black Hills.

    Hard to explain all the ballistics in short note, but the issues with 5.56mm are 1- wind drift (lighter weight bullet, very susceptible to wind drift, 2- transonic transition (the bullet starts to tumble and loose focus as it passes the sound barrier), and 3 - bullet velocity, which then affects drop, wind drift and transonic issues. In reality, this weapon performs well at 25 to 250 yrds. After that, everything is a compromise, and engineers have created faster twist barrels, 5R rifling, 18-24" barrels, and 77 grain ammo, all to push this platform and projectile beyond its initial design.

    It is a fun gun and a fun round to work with, but it is like DOD originally purchase a VW Bus, and asked it to win the Daytona 500. Alot has changed since introduced into the M16 in the 1960s, but at the end of the day, there are better projectiles, like the 6.5 Grendel that can be reverse engineered into an AR-15, if you really want to hit targets at 600 yards. But, I digress.
    Yea I totally understand, and yea there is definitely better bullets out there for long range. However, looks up the axts special purpose rifle. There is an article on it, which really pushed me in the direction of an spr.

    They took a shilen 17.5 (idk why not 18 tbh) 1:8 rifle length barrel, their own upper and lower, a 17" or so mlok rail, and geissele trigger I believe. They sell this as a complete rifle I believe.

    Anyway, they were getting sub moa at 1000 with 77 grainers. They were also getting consistent hits out to over 1200 yards, yes, 1200 yards ,with it as well. Of course their scope was very very expensive, but still. Also, at 1000 the 77 grain bullet had more power than a 380 at point blank. Not a ton of damage, but still easily a killshot in the vitals.

    To top it off they put on a suppressor and damn that is a sexy rifle.

    Another example is Denny Ducet (YouTuber) took the mk12 and spun a more modern take. He used if course an 18" ss rifle length barrel (not sure barrel maker, or twist but it was either 1:8 or 1:7) but put an adjustable gas block, mlok rail, precision stock, etc. And was getting hits out pretty far.

    Long range shooters of utah also did a build around the woa barrel, and damn they were getting awesome results with the match bullets, especially for a barrel costing around the 200 mark.

    Anyway, I'm not trying to disprove your points, because your points are very valid, but I really believe the 5.55 is one of the best bullets ever. Not because it's necessarily the 5.56 but because people have been upgrading it for years and years. Bullets in general as well, can shoot much much better.

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    Compass lake vs White oak

    I just installed a WOA barrel Have less than twenty rounds through the barrel, but so far shoots sub MOA. Iím pleased with the results. These are hand loads

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