I made no assumptions.

Clearing a house all by your lonesome is not easy. Oftentimes you get one good opportunity for violence of action. You mess that up, the numbers game is against you.

If I pushed you down as hard as I can while you are in full battle rattle, honestly how quick could you recover?

Now add two other people on top of you and an injury.

I have been consistent. Bunker in place, have a plan for such, have a designated RP in home.

But when guys think they are going to be successful just by having an AR or a PC....naw.

Typically they dont want a stand up fight but you may well be the guy whose turn it is in the cracker barrel and meet some shooters.

All I know is there are men who actively train, prepare, do this for a job, have all the good kit, and some to not go home that day.

There's how we think we will fight and how we actually end up fighting and it is solely dependent on the adversary.

These people have all day and night to try to hit you at your most vulnerable.

But, not my life. I just a guy who has seen the aftermath of quite a few home invasions so take me with a grain of salt.