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Thread: Waterproof document case

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    Waterproof document case

    I have multiple dry bags, all with rounded bottoms. Its awkward and inefficient when using them to hold a 2 document binder.

    Does anyone make a soft-sided flat dry bag that fits something like a trapper keeper? Map cases will only hold a few pages and anything Pelican names is hard-sided and heavy.

    Im thinking along the lines of a messenger bag sized case. Whatever it is, I need it to be waterproof and light weight. What do you use to secure documents?

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    I would give the Magpul Daka pouches a look. I have 3 of them and so far they held up well. I spilled a 20oz cup of coffee on one and the contents stayed dry. I wiped the outside off with a wet paper towel. I don't know how well it would do if you submerged it in water for an extended period of time but they are water resistant if you wanted to put them in a bug-out bag. May have to rethink your 2" binder though.

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    Not 'soft' but the pelican 1085 laptop case is where i keep all my 'grab n go' hard copy documents in addition to every doc being on flash drive.
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