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Thread: Mounting an RMR for an FN 5.7 Mark II

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    Mounting an RMR for an FN 5.7 Mark II

    I ordered an RMR red dot mount from Truehunterssupply dot com or FIVESEVENREDDOT dot Com for my FN 5.7.

    Well, the newer design just requires removal of the rear sight. This is for a Mark II, FN 5.7 with the adjustable sights. The mount is a one piece design.

    Luckily I have built 3 AR-15s so this wasn't really that hard.

    Tools I needed:

    Precision mallet
    1/16 punch to remove the pin
    Flat head screwdriver
    Blue Locktite
    Bench vise to compress the roll pin.
    3/32 roll pin punch
    Lots of oil

    The easiest part is removing the rear sight. Use a 1/16 punch to remove the pin. Screwdriver to remove the rear sight.
    Screwdriver to attach the mount. Then, I tried to punch the roll pin without compressing. That didn't work. I used the bench vise to compress the roll pin. Then I used a 3/32 punch and gently tapped it through.

    Blue Locktite to secure the RMR to the mount.

    No issues with reliability Using the SS197 ammo and the RMR as may have been brought up on other discussions.

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