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Thread: Cricothyrotomy Kits

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    Quote Originally Posted by TacMedic556 View Post
    Make your own kit.
    The only things I have to add are:
    1/4 in cotton webbing or something to secure the tube. If you preattach it, make sure you practice like that because crap hanging off the tube can be distracting.
    Optionally, small set of curved Kelly's in addition to the hook. Make sure there is a cover on the point of the hook.
    I like a retractable safety scalpel for this type of kit, and when I practice, I always retract the blade, just like I practice safing my weapon.
    Consider packing a flush instead of an empty syringe.
    Vacuum sealers made for food work well for cric kits. Label it in big letters, make tear starting cuts with shears in several places, and mark the cuts with black sharpie. We lose IQ points rapidly under stress.

    Edit to add: a couple of 4x4's are a good idea

    Disclaimer: all of my cricothyrotomy practice has been on cadavers, animal models, and mannequins.
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