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Thread: The GOOD DEALs and INTERESTING find thread!

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    Polymer80 Glock Lower $91.37 (Free Ship)

    P80 aggressive texture frame lower G19 or G17 in Black at Brownells. It takes a few coupon codes and tips to get it to $91.37 delivered
    They are On sale now $119. Then get $10 off and free shipping with code LDD

    And via ActiveJunky has a click through cash back for Brownells of 7%
    But first, to get an extra $10 cash back. Use my referral link if you want the extra $10 back if you've never signed up before
    If you don't care about $10. Go directly to activejunky
    (full disclosure, I get a few bucks too) https://www.activejunky.com/invite/1130244

    so your total cost would be $119 - $10 (code LDD) - 7% (AJ cashback) -$10 (AJ first time sign up referral bonus) = $91.37 !!!
    and if you use a card that gives you 2% back, it's sub $90

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    Looking for the best deal on a Glock G19X full kit. Best I've found so far is 594 with free shipping.

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    Backordered but $270 for a .308 Howa 1500 barrelled action. Cerakoted too for extra points. Perfect for a budget build.


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    Here's an interesting training aid.


    For $20 for 50 of them, I think it should be a hot seller. I know once back in stock I'm ordering some, and some in .45ACP. At least I won't be annoyed if I lose any at that price.
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