You'll love this setup. can't wait for a couple weeks and see my boy lay one out with it.

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And they now have one less:

I had the scope rings, Magpul sling, Rugged Razor 7.62 suppressor and 5/8" mount already. I had a $150 Amazon gift card burning a hole in my pocket. So the Nikon 2-7x 300 BLK scope cost me $23 delivered.

My FFL gives me a free transfer after five that I have paid for. So I was able to put this together for under $400 out of pocket.

This weekend I'll submit the Form 1 and have the barrel cut down to 10.5" after the stamp comes back next year. In the mean time, my daughter and I are going to slay deer and piggies with it.

And it will be fun to hit steel with. I have a bunch of Hornady 208-grain A-MAX projectiles, some Barnes 110-grain and 130-grain TSX projectiles, and six pounds of AA-1680 powder.