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Thread: Remove safety on Shield?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BuzzinSATX View Post
    I'm curious why someone would want to remove the safety on a Shield since it really sits flush to the slide and is barely noticeable. I have three Shields bought from a store that only carries the safety models, and for under $300 per gun when on sale, I just ignore the safety. And if I ever sell one, the safety could be a factor.

    FTR, I did paint the under side frame red with a drop of fingernail polish so I can tell quickly if the safety is engaged or not.

    Does removing the safety improve the trigger pull in any way?

    Again, I'm not trying to be negative, just wondering if removing the safety improves anything. Thanks
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    Appreciate the replies.

    Honestly, the safety design on the Shield sucks. On the three I own, they are all fairly hard to engage and disengage. Add to that the almost flush lever and it takes some level of effort to use it versus an almost intuitive 1911 style. Id definitely prefer none as well.

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