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Thread: UPDATED 2/9/18 Zenith / MKE Z5RS (MP5) SBR review: A love story

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rayrevolver View Post
    That is 100% Pakistani Black Stock. And it ain't too gd beaucoup!

    I did have an ATI F-Stock, which was very nice. But with the longer LOP I sold it and decided to use the POF A3 for my brace project.
    My bad, I didn't realize it was a POF- chop away!
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    Great thread, OP, I'm really enjoying mine as well. At 25 yards, it shoots pretty much any ball 9mm reliably and accurately, but at 100 yards with mine, I get a drastic dropoff in accuracy if I use cheap stuff like Aguila or Perfecta. Mine shoots 124gr Speer Lawman with easily 1/3 the group size of the slightly cheaper stuff at range.

    I had one baffle strike on my Vers 9s, using the direct thread mount, but I've been using it since with a 3-lug mount and a smooth thread protector made by TROS with no issues. I wish I could use the 147gr flat nose ammo that I have a few cases of, but alas, neither this nor my Lage upper MAC 10 will reliably feed it.

    I'm using a KAC Aimpoint micro mount, without the added spacers for an HK416 height mount, to clear the front sight hood. I had to file down the bottom of the right side of the mount in order to fit the MFI ultra low mount, which is really only designed to fit the factory low mount. I didn't file any bearing surface, just the very bottom of the ejection port side. FWIW to anyone looking to add a riser to their red dot with this mount, the Larue HK416 mount would not fit without filing away some of the bearing surfaces, which I did not want to do.

    I paid a bit extra at HK parts to get it 922r compliant. Maybe I'm dumb for doing so, but to anyone thinking about it, the match elbow spring and trigger really improved the feel of the trigger. I'm not a trigger snob, and usually just stick to factory parts, but this feels much nicer.
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