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Thread: Glenn Beck's NFA rules

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    He just needs to keep his mouth shut on stuff he doesn't fully understand... oh wait...
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    Quote Originally Posted by kaltesherz View Post

    Just because someone's intentions are good doesn't mean they're helping. And if your job is to inform and teach your viewers, then learn your subject matter. It's bad enough that the anti 2A crowd don't understand gun laws, but now the pro 2A as well? Talk about a cluster****...
    Just because someone is saying bits and pieces of something that sounds semi friendly, but other bits and pieces ranging from gibberish to hostile doesn't necessarily mean their intentions are good either.
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    Hopefully that was not a Sionics gun he called "A Piece Of Crap", or there will be hell to pay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tb-av View Post
    Seriously? Why don't you read my post and notice I called myself an idiot as well. As I stated it was a figure of speech. Why don't you be productive and answer my question. Is Glenn Beck correct? Is the paper work for a full auto so complex that one must fear jail time for even firing the weapon. Are the rules such that if he had handed that weapon to an audience member they may be subject to jail time?

    I have read the rules and regs. I have read countless posts on this forum and others regarding NFA. I have read letters from NFA. I've never heard what Glenn is talking about. Thus I asked... Is he an idiot or am I... if you can't see that the word idiot was figure of speech even after I tell you that is how it was intended, then it's probably best you simply stop reading this thread. If I had glen Becks audience and team of professionals I can assure I would have used different terms. In the context of this thread I see no reason the be PC in my grammar.

    Granted I left the link out which made my post sound stupid. I get that. I have no issues with being wrong. I have no issues with being "that guy". I do have issues with high profile people representing the 2A and gun ownership cause when they are grossly wrong about certain things as I feel Glenn is in this case.

    Several of you seem to think this is an attack on Glenn but presents himself as the great learned one. The enlightened. So my point being that if he is indeed grossly wrong, how to we expect to fully and truly educate 'our side' --- ( reference Hillary, Ralph Northam re: us against them ).

    At the end of the day, all we have is education in preserving the 2A. Not only do our teachers need to be correct and in step, but we then need to educate our side and win over their side.

    I had someone say to me the other day after the Texas massacre.. "They are going to take our guns".... Viet Nam combat vet -- real combat.. not just present but gun fighting in combat. He has actually said to me "I don't know why anyone needs an AR-15"

    I have family members... "Let's go shooting" "I can see their point on assault weapons"

    So you are welcome to correct my grammar. Others and yourself are welcome to claim I'm attacking and throwing the first stone. However, in my world, the way I see it, we have a massive battle of education and mis-education going on in our nation and the odds are not in our favor.

    I'm not writing a book. I saw a video. Thought it was going to be good. It wasn't... imo. It was the same old half baked mix of fact and fiction.

    If it makes you feel better though, I will gladly retract the term idiot and replace it with this..... Glenn has forever refereed to himself as a Rodeo Clown.

    So why don't you watch that video and answer my question. Am I being an idiot with regard to full auto NFA rules based on his comments or is Glenn Beck still doing his Rodeo Clown act in this specific video?
    Dude, you need to quit putting words in my mouth. I never mentioned anything about grammar. I was also clear that he doesn't know anything about the subject. Rather than writing 300 pages here about nothing, write a comment on the video so those that don't know better can learn a thing or two.

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    Seems this would be appropriately placed in the "General Discussion" forum rather than the "NFA" forum as it really doesn't have shit to with real NFA content, in particular, with the direction it seems to have taken.
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    At this point I would agree. I was wondering if perhaps there was some issue with full auto use and possession I was not aware of, but it's a bit of a moot point now.

    Between my leaving the link to the video out and qhostly becoming editor in chief.....

    It really was a very simple heads up on a concerning 2A issue that I believe we are all in for a fight on in 2018 and beyond. That issue being who is spreading the "news" and how accurate is that "news". In a way it's not unlike the so-called Russian Facebook ads and such.

    If his belief is spread that NFA items are so highly regulated that one can not even use them, then how far is the stretch to say...."look you don't even need those things, they cost a fortune and all you can do is keep them in a safe" It's certainly something the left would run with. They can grab a few seconds edit from his video just like they did with Hickock45 and his bump stock vid after Las Vegas.
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