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Thread: Round count logs

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    Quote Originally Posted by markm View Post
    Lol... Round count logs. We don't need no stinking round count logs.
    Words of wisdom. I donít care. But itís cool if you guys do.

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    "Real men have always needed to know what time it is so they are at the airfield on time, pumping rounds into savages at the right time, etc. Being able to see such in the dark while light weights were comfy in bed without using a light required luminous material." -Originally Posted by ramairthree

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    Winter is for planning, inventory, record keeping, maintenance and reloading...

    I use Excel to manage my entire life (budget, investments, diet/exercise, birthdays/holidays, fantasy football, car maintenance, firearms, etc.). Knowing things like how many rounds the G17 has on the current recoil spring or how ASC 20 round mags didn't lock the bolt back on one of my ARs in 2011 gives me peace of mind.

    As a 50 something engineer, Excel is really the only tool I still know how to use effectively - so I use it with extreme prejudice.


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    I keep a log of rounds fired and when parts were installed in an Access database.

    At some point in time I will set up some queries that I can run that will show me when it is time to replace parts.

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