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Thread: Plates for civilian

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    Quote Originally Posted by HKGuns View Post
    I'm using a BlackHawk Strike plate carrier.
    Thanks very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djstorm100 View Post
    And a legitimate supplier would be?
    I have these plates from SKD Tactical that Brother Outlander recommended. They are very well made and Velocity Systems did some testing and it held its own against M855A1 ammo. Yes. The A1.
    Very solid, high quality plates for a good price.

    But I didnít want Just ceramic plates. I wanted soft armor as well. For two reasons.
    1. I want a better low viz option with a jacket or button down shirt. As Firefly said wearing hard plates sends a very clear message.
    2. I was told that the last thing I want while wearing rifle plates is to get shot and not have any soft armor or armor backers onto help spread the blunt force trauma.

    Not that Iím planning on getting shot, but I prepare.

    My soft armor is Second Chance Monarch from bulletproofme.com and it is definitely NOT considered budget armor, but it is previously owned - used. However after talking to them on the phone I felt comfortable in my purchase. I wasnít disappointed.

    Iím not HSLD so I didnít go with the ultra cool Velocity JPC. Again, for reasons. Well advised I went with a BCS NIJ II plate carrier.

    I did that because itís a slick carrier and so can be worn under a jacket or shirt with my LVL IIIa soft armor and while they may not have the cool factor their gear is borderline indestructible.

    Besides i prefer the ability to use whatever chest rig I need for whatever purpose. Be it 5.56 or .308 or for a precision rifle.

    One thing I believe is important, especially if you decide to go with plates is to train with them. You should be as acclimated as possible with your kit. Itís not different than having a precision gun and never stretching its legs or having an SBR and never doing any CQ type training. You need to be accustomed to how it impacts your shooting , your maneuverability and you physically. For me Iíve worn flak vest and sweated my balls off but I was a lot younger then, so I wanted to know how it impacted me after an hard day of training on an August day in Texas. And it sucks. Sucky sucky sucks. But what you donít want is to keep it on your closet and not wear it until you have to. And not understanding the impact.

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    Those Tyr Tactical plate prices are pretty much as good as it gets.

    The SKD Tac plates on sale at 30% off are a good deal, but make sure the sizing of the plates works for you as I was told they are not what they are listed at.

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    Just FYI we are doing 15% off Highcom plates and 20% off Highcom Helmets in case anyone was interested. Those TYR plates are a really good deal. Sucks they only have them in large or I might have bought a pair for myself.

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    My logic is that if you're willing to drop the money for a quality carbine, why not put about the same amount towards a quality plate and carrier setup? Instead of buying more and more ARs....
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    As a long time wearer of plates, over 2 years straight while deployed, and part time for work for many years I have my own thoughts. Simply put, wearing them all day, every day, sometimes over 24 hours straight, at over 130 degrees there were times I truly thought getting shot wasn't that bad an alternative. The plates aren't even the starter kit. Plates without armor are next to useless in a civilian SHTF or worst day of your life scenario. Soft armor will protect you in many more likely threats you may face and has much more coverage. If you're going to do it right, are you going to purchase a kick ass helmet, what about side sapi's, throat,bicep or groin protectors? Where do you stop? If I wasn't PTing hard every day and really though I needed them I would go with a soft armor vest and quality poly plates rated level 3 ICW.

    Expired used vests? Who cares, I've shot many expired vests over the years and never had a 9mm, 40, or 45 penetrate them. Heat and moisture breaks them down, not sure time does but haven't found that to be the case yet.
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