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Thread: fast twist 308

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    fast twist 308

    I recently read something on Snipershide or another type forum about fast twist 308s. That being like 1in8/1in9 barrels. I found it after watching the video from Snipershide Youtube channel where the guy was making hits at 1200 yards with a 20 inch 308.

    They were saying that the increased rotation increased range but I cant find the postings again and Im not finding anything else about it online.

    Is the range increased through less drag from the faster rotation or is the bullet more stable through the transonic range?

    Anyone have more to read/watch about this topic?
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    I can only imagine fast twist bores doing well with long, usually heavy for bore, VLD bullets. Perhaps they were using 200 gr bullets. But, in a 308 enough muzzle velocity to stay supersonic to a 1200 m target will not happen. Perhaps they were engaging targets at high elevations where thinner air would allow a bullet to stay supersonic longer???

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    The fast twist helps with trans-sonic stability with the fat .30s.
    Still not as much of a gain as just going to 6.5 os something similar.
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