Have you tried fasting, or timed eating? Joe Rogan did a podcast with a PhD holding nutritional expert and there was some great info in it. I also read about a study that discovered people who fasted as apposed to dieted retained more muscle.

Food for thought!

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I am an ectomorph. Iím currently at 13.8% body fat and I am achieving that on a diet of McDonalds, Burger King, and stuffed crust from Pizza Hut. I say this not to piss off all the big guys but just for informations sake.

Iíd like to get that below 10%. Ideally 8. I know what kind of effort is required to get from 10 to 8, which is why my real goal is 10%. Itís a totally arbitrary number but I can get there and I want to be there.

However, Iíd also like to grow. I have learned that nearly everything revolves around diet though. I am eating 3500 Cals a day (not hard when itís McNuggets) based on my fitness pal and getting nowhere. Because itís all junk.

I have no idea how to cook. Iíve had beer tonight so kinda drunk. But Iíve been working on this for a while and seen some progress but not as good as I should. So much misinformation.

I am good with working out. Letís focus on diet.

Do I eat carbs? Stick to Paleo? Ketosis? Basically is my biggest question. How do I know what macros to follow or how many Calories to consume? Iím kind of shooting in the dark. The scale doesnít help because if Iím gaining weight it could be muscle or fat.

My diet lately has consisted of:

3 scrambled eggs
1 Apple & 2 Oranges & 1 Banana
2 sausage patties
6 sausage links (about 700 cals total)

10am Protein shake (24g w 110 cals) if I worked out that AM.

Lunch: grilled chicken or steak. Broccoli. Peas. Carrots. 500 cals. 54gr Protein. 15gr carbs.

Dinner: This is where I **** up. Usually 16-18oz of ground beef prepared as taco salad without taco shells. Maybe 600cals.

I eat the same meals every day except Saturday afternoons when I go get teriyaki chicken after Yoga.