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Thread: Got a great deal on a nice Remington 511 today

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    Got a great deal on a nice Remington 511 today

    So I have been managing a LGS for a little while now. The pay isn't great, but the people watching can be interesting and occasionally I can score a good deal for myself. Today one of our long time customers brought in some guns for us to sell on consignment. One of the guns that he brought in was a nice little Remington 511 rifle.

    He tells me that this is the first firearm his dad ever bought him when he was a kid; that he doesn't shoot it anymore; he doesn't have anyone to leave it to because he doesn't have any kids; and he wants it to go to a good home. He figured it wasn't worth more than $125. I looked it over, and this thing is pristine so I figured I'd by it for myself and offered him $100 for it and he sold it to me for that. I've got a Winchester model 35 bolt action 22 that my dad bought in 1945 and I figured this rifle would complement that one well.

    After he left I started doing some research on the rifle & scope and came across some interesting information. According to the date code on the barrel this rifle was made in June of 1953. The scope meanwhile may be an Army surplus scope off of an 03A4, and may be worth as much as $500 to the right person. I need to do some more research to confirm this. Anyway, not a bad investment at $100.

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    Very nice! I started my sons on the single shot version, the 510. Great rifles.
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