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Thread: Brownells Retro Dutch AR-10 is Here!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM Engineer View Post
    I think that video is what spurred my question. These Brownells guns seem to use a ball detent lockup. I'm not sure what the original guns used, prior to whichever version had the forward assist integrated.
    It looks like there's some sort of roller detent on the back of the charging handle (near the rear of the receiver) that's supposed to keep it from reciprocating. It might just be a shiny wear mark, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RAM Engineer View Post
    I hope someone makes an aftermarket grenade launcher sleeve for barrel between the FSB and muzzle device.

    Never shot a carry handle charging AR variant before. Does the CH reciprocate?
    It does not reciprocate. My ArmaLite rifle uses the same detent style, no problems with retention.

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    So what's the consensus on best value in modern AR-10/DPMS/SR-25/M110 metal magazines for these retro guns? By best value I mean best blend of reliability and cost.

    1. ASC ( http://www.ammosc.com/308-sr-25-20-rd-magazine/ )
    2. Brownells ( https://www.brownells.com/magazines/...er_1=brownells )
    3. Larue ( https://www.larue.com/products/larue...-62-magazines/ )
    4. KAC ( https://www.knightarmco.com/13022/sh...azine-20-round )
    5. DPMS ( http://www.dpmsinc.com/DPMS-Gen-1-GI...eel_p_677.html )

    Larue has that ugly baseplate. KAC are uber expensive, with Larue not far behind. Brownells seems to have poor customer reviews.

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    I have not used the DPMS mags. If looking for a bargain I’d try those or Brownells because they’re so cheap. My experience with Brownells was only OK. I’d certainly try them again.

    KAC mags work just like you’d expect a $100 mag to work.

    ASC mags wouldn’t fit into my LaRue or KAC guns. They are a joke.

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