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Thread: CZ P07 VS Glock 19x

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    Quote Originally Posted by m4brian View Post
    Roger - the trigger bar spring is in the thread. When I have the whole deal out, I take the spring OUT and also polish it at the sharp end - no need for sharp edges in a gun. My GUESS is that you could follow the polishing regimen and have a good DA and leave all stock. I have not done that, but wouldn't mind doing it as an experiment. (Again, the trigger bar and mainspring strut alone can be crude enough to ruin a trigger in DA on these guns).

    Replacing the trigger return spring is almost essential in these guns anyway. The CGW spring is lighter and lasts 2-3 times longer.

    If you want to run a lighter DA, you need to replace the firing pin with the longer Cajun one. Also good at that point to replace the plunger and FP spring.

    You should then get the 15 AND 18 LB springs for the mainspring because the 15 MAY not light the hardest primers. I personally think that the 15 is good for ANY carry/defense ammo you would use.

    That is why I generally get the Short Rest Kit (comes WITH the extended FP, better roll pin, with plunger spring and FP spring) as well as some very nicely made parts to shorten reset (not essential). I also get the 15/18 LB springs, AND the CGW sear springs which are better because they make the sear engagement more positive.

    But the urban grey on this frame is 'sick' as they say. It is truly a cool color. Also, I am finding the tall sights fine for general use - need to do more shooting though. the extended mags are also a nice contrast and change the feel of the grip. Excellent gun.
    Quote Originally Posted by m4brian View Post
    I should also add that the roller on the FPB cam can be a source of problem for the DA pull. Put it on a thin BRASS punch and run a felt tip from a dremel on it, and make it smooth and more uniform - this also helps a bunch. If it is the right size you can also buy another CGW part that is near perfect and can help the DA pull.
    Truly a gold mine of information on these parts.

    I saw the extended firing pin, and had heard the important piece with that was to not use the stock hammer/mainspring. Your details/information really sum it all up very well. If I get the itch and decide to go full on CZ Fanboy, I will have to invest the extra funds to try out those pieces of the kit. Otherwise, I can always start with the springs now, add the main springs and extended firing pins in a couple months when I got extra funds to burn.

    In regards to the idea of keeping it mostly stock and trying to tune it to a better trigger, that would be the ideal way. But, I also know I am very interested in having replacement/spare parts for all of my firearms, and especially carry guns. For my glocks, I always went OEM as I know it was easy to stray into garbage. Just based on the community, sounds like you can't really go wrong with the products from CGW, if you want to invest the money.

    Part of the cart I had at CGW was their improved trigger return spring and an OEM one, based on a lot of the input, the OEMs are a little on the weak side for longevity. But I figured 2 bucks was a good investment to have another OEM on hand along with the 7 dollar CGW.

    Thanks for the input about the sear springs and the polishing on the FPB. Great info that answered my big questions/concerns about those two areas.

    Overall, I will admit that it's the type of triggers I enjoy, I shoot it pretty damn well already in comparison to a lot of the handguns I own, at least for now. The next really warm day we get I have to break out the sight pusher. It's to the left by about 1.5 inches at 20-25 yards; which matches pretty closely to the POI target they provided. Will give it some good bench rested shooting and get it sighted in out to 25 yards, double check its within man sized out to 50.
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    There is just something about HOW the grip, wide frame that covers the slide allowing your hands to get all over the gun, and angle of the grip that all work together to make it easy to shoot accurately. Couple that with solid barrel lockup, stiff/stout CHF barrels, and USEABLE triggers, and you have a great combo. OTB SIG, Berretta, and in my mind, HK all have better/smoother DA pulls. But the CZ trigger stroke is a tad shorter, and will smooth over time (or polishing) to make it excellent. And, OTB, the Omega trigger gives you a more distinct break in SA.

    Improvements to the Gen 3? Decocker that operates like the P01 and makes it out of the way (or like the HK). Longer slide release that is easy to use for all hands. A little swell to the grip like the P10C. And, if they were really alert, a paddle mag release - the BEST ambi system available - like the P99. (But the last one would never happen).
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