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Thread: Steiner P4xi.....mini review

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    Have a couple Px4i- truck gun, 14.5” BCM and a 16” range gun.
    A few K rds through the range gun; CQB drills to 400 yds. The illumination has been entirely adequate for fast/close work.
    Realistically perhaps 5% slower than a RD.
    Reticle is dialed in for m193 and close enough for 77 gr CBC/IMI 77 gr. for full size IPSC steel.
    Both scopes have held up well.
    Only complaint is the mushy adjustment/ lack of positive clicks.
    Not a deal breaker on an LPV that is ideally set and left alone.

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    I'll chime in on the P4Xi I guess. I've had one on my BCM midlength (Non free floated) for a couple months now.
    My main complaint is with the reticle, which I'm not super crazy about. It's quite usable, so I can, and will, live with it, but I'd prefer something more along the lines of the ACSS or something.
    I feel like the cross hairs can kind of obscure the target a bit more than I'd like. Trying to hit a smaller target (approx 6x6 piece of paper) at 100yds on 1x was mostly guesswork, because it was basically hidden by the cross hairs, although I did surprise myself by actually hitting it. Of course the question of *why* I'd stay on 1x to engage a target at 100yds in the first place could be asked, but I just wanted to try for the hell of it to see how effectively I might be able to take a shot when I "don't have time" to dial the magnification up.
    For some reason, with my glasses I wear I had to get a mount that positioned the scope quite far forward in order to get proper eye relief.
    I zeroed mine with IMI 77gr and if I'm really having a good day can get groups of about 1.25-1.5" out of it at 100yds, but more often in the 2" range.
    The mushy adjustment is mildly annoying but I don't mess with the adjustments anyway now that it's zeroed.
    Overall my impression is that it's a good scope a good price with kind of a "meh" reticle that I don't hate, but don't love either.

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