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Thread: Drinking Alcohol May Leave You with a Mouth Full of Bad Bacteria

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    These studies are probably funded by 'Grant Money'. Published a study that shows negative effects and then apply for more grant money for a deeper study and the cycle goes on, and on, and on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Glockster View Post
    BINGO! I was waiting for that!

    I'm suspicious the "study" was really a clandestine "anti-drinking" junk science project, since mouthwash is very high in alcohol. Good catch. Y'all are thinking.
    I was under the impression that the alcohols in mouth wash and liqueur are quite different.

    Particularly with Beer, you have yeast, cultures, and many other forms of bacteria/enzymes in these.

    With mouth wash, I was under the impression it held the anti-septic properties without introduction of other bacteria, enzymes, or cultures.

    I could very well be mistaken. And, not to say your statement is inaccurate, but for the interest of discussion, is there any difference between the two?
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    It's mainly ethanol. About 20 percent alcohol is average as I recall. May be "denatured" and have methanol so do not drink.

    Brewing is done with very sanitary conditions. It is boiled and that will destroy enzymes and kill bacteria. After the boil only the yeast we want is added once it's cooled. Most commercial beer has the yeast filtered or centrifuged out after fermentation. I believe they do the same with most wine.

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