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Thread: The parts are on order for my first AR 15 pistol in 5.56

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    The parts are on order for my first AR 15 pistol in 5.56

    Since SB Tactical came our with the SBA3 I have had the itch/urge.

    I took a Colt lower I bought back at Christmas, added the SBA3 to it. The Colt lower is all Colt except for an ALG/ACT trigger.
    I ordered an Aero Precision upper with no FA, but has a dust cover for the ejection port.
    The rail is a BCM KMR Alpha in 10". The barrel is a Ballistic Advantage 11.5" Hanson Profile with a lo pro gas block and an A2 FH. Colt BCG & BCM #4 CH.
    For sights/optics, not sure on the DD fixed set, Troy folding or slick top with a Holosun 503GU ACSS reticle. KISS method.
    I have an Inforce WML and keymod rails pieces to mount it quick and easy.
    All parts are on the way except the barrel. Seems like it is out of stock every place I searched. I almost substituted a Spike's 11.3 CHF FN barrel or a complete BCM upper, but I want to give the BA Hanson profile a try.
    Photos will be coming after the barrel arrives and parts assembled.

    Thoughts or comments welcome
    Let Us Never Forget!

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    I was going to go the same route but could never find the BA Hanson or Faxon pencil barrels in stock. I ended up getting a new Sig upper without bolt and carrier for less than I could buy the parts.

    At some point I stil want to build my own upper though.


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