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Thread: BCM (Bravo) - anyone with negative experience?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PatrioticDisorder View Post
    I never realized BCM had so many issues, all these years I thought I was the oddball not owning one. The fact their low profile gas blocks are loctited in with set screws and not pinned was enough to turn me off to them. I admit the KMR looked to be a “game changer” but when all the reports of easily dented and bent rails started rolling in I was glad I never bought into it, this is the first I’m hearing of the accuracy issues, I wonder if it has to do with the fact their gas blocks are not pinned (or perhaps their unique barrel profiles)?
    If anything a pinned gas block would make accuracy worse.

    There is nothing wrong with a set screw gas block. If you take a BCM block off without breaking tools then I'll buy you a beer.

    There is also nothing wrong with their barrels. The SS ones are made by krieger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 26 Inf View Post
    All I'm adding to this thread is additional noise.

    I've been happy with everything BCM I've purchased
    That is true of me as well. I built my first AR using BCM parts with the exception of the stripped lower and furniture. I asked BCM a few questions before purchasing and then took their advice; it has been everything I hoped for and flawlessly reliable for ~ 4K rounds.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Eurodriver View Post
    I’ve had issues with poor accuracy and their KMR rails are weak as ****. When plastic Magpul MOEs withstand being driven over with a 4Runner but a KMR gets dented from sliding down the wall gun manufacturer priorities are off.

    “But it’s light though”

    “BUt ItS LiGhT ThoUGh!!”

    Would just rock SIONICs or Colt if I ever buy an AR again (I won’t)

    You are the one who is trying to permanently leave this country and telling board members, ""I hope your kids get cancer and then you die slowly and alone."

    That poster didn't call you a liar like you claimed, and even if he had, to wish that on his children shows the sign of a disturbed mind.

    I have been asked to point out by board policy that I am Magpul's photographer. I have also done work for 150 or so manufacturers within the firearm community, my work has been used for web, catalog, banners, magazines, covers, etc. I have also shot work for the US Military where it has been used in training aids. I am prior service and a full time LEO.

    I also shoot and write for various publications. My primary focus is weapons, accessories and related equipment reviews. Manufacturers can reach me through any of the boards. If you have something new, let me know.


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