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Thread: How to treat or preserve the very rare safe Queen ?

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    Thanks for the responses guys. Looks like their are many proven options. I guess slop some shit on it, and check periodically is a solid plan.

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    Ive got a close friend of mine, who bought a NIB S&W loong barreled P&R .357 back in '76, '77, the Silhouette Target model. Been fired 4 times, two cylinders remain unfired. Not even a turn mark on the cylinder. Couple years ago, he brings it over..STUNNING piece. That old school blueing, quality, fit & finish. I was dying!
    Could not even pull the trigger, was gummed up. So, he wanted me to clean it, and I did. Anyway, to my knowledge..he kept it in the bottom of acloset in a freaking sock or something unreal..still looked new! Myself- Id get that waxy looking paper they use, or use to use, put it in a gunsock in a nice thick box, and forgetaboutit, checking it frequently. But ME- Im a wheelgun man to the core- I could NOT resist wearing the thing out. Just my thoughts.
    BTW- I had Colt Frontier Scout for many years that unreal accurate. Shot the fool out of that thing, was a great little revolver.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunnar da Wolf View Post
    I have heard that Boeshield T9 works well for long term gun storage.
    Just DO NOT APPLY it to any moving parts ... as it WILL cause them to stick.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lefty223 View Post
    I’d clean and coat w/ Birchwood-Casey ‘Barricade’ (used to be called ‘Sheath’) ...
    I think they had to rename it after Trojan condoms threaten to sue them over protecting the wrong gun.

    Nailed it.

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    I don't have anything really nice, but I use Renaissance Wax on the blued stuff that I don't shoot much. It's been good to me so far. Easy on, easy off, and no issues with corrosion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coal Dragger View Post
    Hard to go wrong with Rig gun grease.


    I’ve used it with good results.

    Also for true long term storage if you’re worried about corrosion, you might consider pulling the stocks off and storing them separately. The potential to trap moisture between the wood/plastic/rubber etc and the steel frame is there otherwise.

    Good luck!
    Rig rag with grease is the classic answer

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    Classic because it works.

    Grease stays put and doesn’t run off.

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    One of the nice things about VCI bags (if they work as advertised) is...

    You don't have to clean anything after removal from the bag
    Don't have to break anything down to treat all parts - vapor penetrates all nooks and crannies
    Works on electronics and optics
    Works on ammunition

    Can't say that about cosmoline, but again - this is only if the bags perform as they are meant to perform.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Glockster View Post
    I'm surprised Break Free didn't do better. Isn't Break Free supposed to be some super product based on the military's CLP?
    Long time ago I did my own corrosion test of a bunch of different gun products. I'd post a pic but lost them on a hard drive crash. Breakfree CLP started corroding at about 1 day. I was shocked.

    Froglube Paste applied per the "heat, let cool, and wipe-it-all-off" method basically tied with Eezox for 1st place. I think both are a type of wax. The steel panel I used stayed out in my back yard for months and these two products won hands down. It snowed, fogged, rained and everything else on that thing. I still use FL paste on some guns for corrosion protection only. It's good stuff for that.

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