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Thread: Two stage/single stage?

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    I seem to have gone in the opposite direction of many in this thread in terms of triggers.

    I still love Geissele triggers in my AR platforms, but for bolt guns, all single stage Bix 'n Andy triggers at this point.

    If you have the opportunity to try a Bix 'n Andy trigger, go for it, worth every penny.

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    My only bolt gun is a Tikka TacA1, it has a two stage trigger. My precision has guns have two stage triggers as well, G-SSAEs and LaRue MBT. All have the same grip as well (BCM) this makes going from gun to gun really easy. Same hand placement, same style of trigger. Little adjustment needed. I find that keeping everything similar helps me be more consistent. Being more consistent helps me be more accurate.
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    I have been a small bore freerifle (International/Olympic type) and NRA Service Rifle competition NRA smallbore prone and position shooter for years and I do my best shooting with a two stage trigger.

    I have a smallbore target rifle that has a very good single stage trigger, but I can't shoot it as well as my smallbore rifle that is equipped with a two stage trigger.

    I can shoot my two stage trigger equipped AR-15 faster and more accurately than my single stage trigger AR-15.

    My first NRA Service Rifle I built had/has a single stage trigger. I'm no where as fast or accurate in the rapid fire stages with it.

    I have three NRA Service Rifles, two with two stage triggers, one (my original built in the mid 90's that I use for practice now since it's trigger is harder to use) with a single stage trigger.

    I'm a two stage trigger all the way. I have some good single stage triggers, but I'm just more accurate and faster with a two stage trigger.

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    I own both, I shoot both, I like both. Overall quality of the trigger and smoothness matter more than style.

    Quality of the individual woman matter more than the color of her hair (blonde vs brunette)

    As mentioned before, single stage triggers are at their best with a low pull weight.

    Two stage triggers allow for a higher total pull weight while still not resulting in pulled shots.

    I'm not as happy with a two stage with a low total pull weight.

    For a serious tool, I'd go heavy two stage.

    For benchrest or target shooting, either is fine for me.

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