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Thread: Suppressor Increase Reliability ?

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    Suppressor Increase Reliability ?


    I have a Vector fitted with a Double Tap Trigger that will burp through magazines pretty quickly. Not sure if the Vector needs a break in period but during my first outing I shot 600 rounds exactly with it. I probably had ~20 malfunctions.
    A little bit of everything happened. About 20% failures to extract, no real ejecting problems but mostly double feeds.

    I only used ETS 31 round mags.

    2nd trip I went light... around 200-300 rounds with a few hiccups here and there (it got a through cleaning after that).

    Last week I suppressed it. Went hard again and shot over 500 rounds, all suppressed.
    Only 147 grain Browning 9mm, 158 grain Fiocchi, 147 grain Freedom Hush, and some 115 grain Freedom RN.

    I didnít have one issue at all with the ETS magazines. Everything fired and emptied no matter how fast I went. Had a few issues with the KCI drum but thatís to be expected.

    So to straight blowback firearms benefit from the back pressure or do some firearms really need some stretching before they are good to go?

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    Be sure you are at 26” oal for the foregrip.

    Theoretically, it could help with extraction, but id bet a thorough cleaning had a lot to do with it.


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