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Thread: Charged with felony for tannerite

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    Quote Originally Posted by SomeOtherGuy View Post
    Preaching to the choir here, but the crucial thing to know about "test cases" is that they take over the defendant's life for a long time, usually years, and often wreck their life even if they are ultimately exonerated or the law is struck down.
    Yep, for sure. It's a very totalitarian idea that any given individual is easily sacrificed for the good of the collective/state.
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    Did anyone actually read the article?

    The headline: Two men could face felony charges after detonating explosive used for target practice. The operative word is COULD. The Sheriff's Department forwarded a report writing the case as a felony - the DA is the one who actually charges.

    These are the charged parties: According to the general offense report, an 82-year-old Arizona man and a 76-year-old Mansfield man admitted they were shooting Tannerite. Good luck finding their parents.

    These are the last paragraphs: "It's actually a felony to possess it," he said. Exploding targets, made popular in part by television shows such as Top Shot, are often sold under the name Tannerite and other brand names.

    "The law does nicely distinguish between having just enough to explode a target or having enough to blow up a house," he warned. "Mixing the compounds together can even be considered manufacturing explosives, a very serious felony."

    I doubt they are going to be charged with a felony unless they were doing stupid stuff like trying to blow up lawn mowers (remember that guy?)
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    I would bet that at some point in all of this one of the two said "Here, hold my beer."

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    Many people in their age group are hard of hearing. It's possible that they figured they needed to use a lot more Tannerite just to hear the full effect. We all know that to fully experience an explosion, you need to see it, feel it, and hear it.

    76 year old: "Hey Joe, you think we have enough Tannerite to get excited about?"

    82 year old: "What did ya say?"

    76 year old: "I said, "Do ya think we have enough Tannerite to get our rocks off?"

    82 year old: "No, I don't wanna take my socks off."

    76 year old to cashier: "Double the order sonny."

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    You know the 82 y.o. Arizonian is at fault Hey sonny we do this shit in the desert all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by 7n6 View Post
    Each year across this nation, tens of thousands of great patriotic local, city, state, and government bureaucrats come up with hundreds of thousands of new laws, codes, or edicts- to guide every waking moment of our lives. Without millions of laws, we would certainly falter into anarchy. It is our duty as loyal citizens to memorize and follow each of these laws as well as report others who fail to do so, in order to fully enjoy the freedom our founding fathers' intended.
    The average American now commits 3 felonies daily, unawares.

    Choose your crime WISELY...
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