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Thread: Immigration agents arrest 114 in sting at Ohio landscaper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fjallhrafn View Post
    I was recently on unemployment and got a whopping $150 a week from the government. And that was like pulling teeth. How the hell do you get the government to pay $22 an hour to stay home? And is that pay every hour that you're home? Because that's a lot of overtime after a day or two.

    The average value of benefits for Welfare is something like $70K a year per person.

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    First toward welfare, I '94, my son unit #2 had just been discharged after his enlistment was up in the Army. His skills as a machine gunner were not in high demand in Oklahoma so he applied for unemployment after his "Leave time' was over. He did apply a lot places, and had fast food joint offers that he passed on. I asked why, he said they (approximation here, Mr. Memory is AWOL) pay around $5.00 and unemployment pays $7.25 and as soon as pay beats $7.25 he would take the job. Two weeks later he started the involved process of being hired by the Border Patrol. (that took over two months) so in Oklahoma circa '94 Unemployment paid about $290 a week before any deductions. It does depend on the state and deductions, but $150 seems awful low for 2018.

    I do not think the employment laws are stringent enough. They do not require that employers use E-Verify, which validate SSAN data. That gives a fairly accurate Identification. Harder to beat than you might think. If that were required to be performed and documented, then employer prosecutions would increase.
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