Does anyone do business with Chris at For the past few years I've been buying different things from him. Webbing, ITW buckles, shock cord, my kit field repair kit (Best that you can buy) and some different items for mounting molle pouches on my warbelt's belt. Great stuff. Really is. Usually a pretty quick response time. I ordered another field repair kit and he pinged me May 22nd about putting in my empty sewing bobbin and he'd refill it with coyote brown mil spec #69 bonded nylon. That's what I use for any kit mods or repairs. The stuff is as strong as superman. Well we exchanged emails on 5/22 and it's been dark since.

I know he's a one-man show and at times he's been overwhelmed, because there are some gear manufacturers that use some of the stuff he's created. They have a big order, Chris in turn has a big order. But he's never gone dark this long. He's a former Marine, based out of 29 Palms.

So just wondering if anyone else out there had done business with him lately. Or heard from him lately. At this point I'm more worried about him than my $19 bucks.