Came out of Winchester's Custom Shop and custom built for long range varmint.

.308 Schneider fluted 26" barrel 1/10 twist
HS Precision stock
Trigger replaced with the Timney trigger when the action was bedded
Push feed Post 64 action
Tac Bolt knob
Bipod is a Harris knock off

According to my log book I have exactly 1252 rounds through it. This is a sub-MOA rifle.

The scope and rings are NOT included. I will ship in a hard case from an FFL to your FFL for $975 shipped. $925 FTF

What I am looking for in trade:

Preban AK47 folders
Arsenal milled AK47
Romy AK47 + cash
Mossberg 500 pistol grip + cash
AR15s are always welcome as well as other interesting trades